Applicants need to be wary of fraudsters while processing visa, says US Embassy

The applicants of visas via the Diversity Visa program have been warned by US embassy to keep away from agents who demand money for processing their documents.

Daily News quoted that the US Embassy had issued a statement to this effect. In the statement, the embassy declared the launch of receiving applications for the visa applications under the diversity visa program wherein people take part in the draw for securing the visa. The embassy has asked people not make any payments to people or associations who assure to help them to secure a visa through the draw.

The nations that have past records of lower rates of overseas migration to the US are offered the annual diversity visa program that approves around 55,000 visas. The Department of State Consular Affairs announced that the application for this visa program will be received until November. It was also clarified in the statement that mere being selected through the draw does not mean that the visa shall be issued.

Individuals who win the draw will still have to appear for an interview to decide if they satisfy the requirements of the legal framework in the US for overseas immigration. The laws in the US have very fewer options through which one can be eligible for the diversity immigrant visa and the eligibility criterion is scarcely defined.

The draw in the diversity immigration visa provides an opportunity to many applicants who fail to secure the green card via a job offer or a family member already settled in the US. But in spite of these various categories, not all who wish to settle in the US are able to fulfill their aspiration.

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