Australia Immigration Requirement

Australia has been one most sought after destinations for immigrants in the last few decades. This is evident from the fact that migrants account for more than half of the country’s population growth. The population of migrants has contributed positively towards the economy of the country.

The migrant population of Australia is higher than the natives when compared to any other OECD nations, with the exception of Switzerland and Luxembourg.

According to Darrell Todd from the Thinking Australia, the country Down Under continues to encourage immigration of skilled work force as in the past and the trend will continue for some time to come.

In recent times, the visa and migrant policies of Australia have been revised quite a few times.

The immigrant population of Australia has contributed positively by boosting the efficiency of the human resources and supplying skilled workers to companies.

The rate of unemployment is very low among the immigrant population and most of them are engaged in highly paid jobs. They also contribute more revenue to the government through taxes and are not much of a burden on the treasury of the government.

The constant movement of migrants has enabled the transition of Australian economy. Similarly the foreign-born residents played a vital role in allowing Australian businesses to innovate and making the country an important player in the global economy.

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