• Only Scammers can promise you:
  • European (EU) Passport
  • European (EU) Citizenship
  • European Permanent Residency
  • European Residence Permit
  • Schengen Zone Residence Permit



The Lithuanian Residence Permit process is NOT as same as the tourist visa, student visa, business visit visa or 90 days Schengen visa. Beware of Scams on the Internet, which guarantee you to obtain the Lithuanian Residence in 4 weeks! Any genuine immigration service provider could possibly do it! It is legally impossible.

Too EASY Promise: The truth is that obtaining Residence Permit of any European Union (EU) country is not easy. It is a complex immigration process and requires a lot of attention to detail and extensive documentation. Only scammers can promise you that obtaining Residence Permit of any European Union country is easy and simple without comprehensive documents.

Too FAST Promise: No matter what, but the real Residence Permit of any European Union (EU) country cannot be obtained in a month! It would take at least three to four months or longer. Only scammers can promise you that it can be obtained in a month! In this fast world, not everything happens too fast. Certainly, not obtaining the Lithuanian Residence Permit or the Residence Permit of any European Union country.

EU Passport Promise: It will take 3 to 5 years of being a legal Permanent Resident to obtain the Citizenship and Passport of any European Union (EU) country. There are numerous scammers offering passport of many European Union countries for the price of 25,000 to 30,000 Euros. If you are thinking of buying a EU passport, sooner or later you will be in trouble. At the Immigration Control desk of any EU country, the Passport Verification check by the immigration officials will reveal that your so-called EU passport is a fake or forged or, even worst, blacklisted by the Interpol. You will end up in jail, will be deported and banned from obtaining any type of visa to any European country for rest of your life.

Special Passports: Beware of all special EU passports such as the economic passport, diplomatic passport and importantly European passport as advertised on the Internet by hundreds of scammers. Remember – only scammers can promise that you can even obtain passport of the heaven! Be aware that the scammers will try to convince you by showing passports, which may appear to be original and legitimate. It is one of the many techniques used by the scammers to swindle your money and personal details, which can be used for illegal activities. Don’t become a victim of Internet scammers! Fake EU Citizenship or Passport: Beware of some websites offer their assistance in obtaining the citizenship or passport of Eastern European Union countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia via their exclusive undisclosed immigration schemes. Only the scammers can offer such secretive immigration schemes!

EU Citizenship or Passport for any Non-EU National: Hardly possible to be true! There are always legal restrictions in every EU country for legal immigration. Getting the Residence Permit of the Lithuanian Republic requires extensive documentation. Only scammers can offer the European citizenship or passport to any Non-EU national.

Fake Job Offers: You must have heard it before! The scammers do keep up with the current economic trends. The fake job offers can vary from the Spanish nanny jobs, Canada farm jobs, American maid jobs, Australian driver jobs, Polish nurse jobs, British hotel jobs, Italian labour jobs and so on. The fake job offers usually target the job seekers, who are easily tricked to believe the high salary, free accommodation, free food, free air ticket, free medical insurance and many other incentives. The fact is that if you can’t verify and talk to the employer directly about the job offer, the job on offer must be a fake job offer. Remember that no genuine employer will hide a real job offer from an interested and prospective employee.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the details contained herein are correct and up-to-date, it does not constitute legal or other professional advice. GBC does not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any errors or omission.


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