Business Immigration Services

Mahandru Associates has been assisting the immigration process to different countries for families and individuals in the Middle East for many years. Our mission is to help people who want to get ahead in life by migrating to another country, which can give them more opportunities. Whether it be to visit, study, work or start a business in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Mahandru Associates has the experience and the experience to help you. Aside from helping individuals, we are also helping these countries to find great professionals who can be successful entrepreneurs to benefit their economies.

Many of our clients are already established businessmen in Middle East. They have hectic schedule and they juggle their responsibilities to their business and family. That is why many have come to avail of our business immigration services because we offer convenience, guaranteed help and high success rate compared to other immigration firms.

Business migration can be difficult because it entails a lot of paperwork and requirements. Entrusting this critical phase into a professional firm will provide you advantage as you can ensure success while still attending to your business and spending quality time with your family. Mahandru Associates can provide you with end-to-end services from identifying countries to migrate, to submitting your application for business visa, from complying with the requirements to the things you need to know once you finally arrive in the country of your choice. We also help people to choose their category for business visa according to their preference and qualifications. You can either obtain an entrepreneur visa or an investor visa.

If you are exploring your options on migrating to another country to set up a commercial business venture, you are at the right place. At Mahandru Associates, we have the right people to help who are experts in helping people with migration. Call us today and let’s talk how you can obtain your business visa easily.


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