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How to purchase an EU citizenship or EU citizenship for sale has been something I get a lot of questions about. The purpose of this post is to clarify the rules on how to buy an European Union passport and the alternatives to getting a citizenship or dual passport.

Law on getting buying an EU citizenship

I want to be clear it is illegal to buy an EU citizenship and the I am not recommending you buy an EU citizenship. However, there are legal and moral ways to obtain an EU citizenship without paying for your passport.

Marrying for an EU citizenship

If you are married to an EU citizen, in most countries can apply for a citizenship. This means after you have been living in a country with a legal visa first. Then you can start the application process, which I think takes about 3 months to get all your paperwork together. The you submit your application for review and from that date you wait about three to five years. However, you must live in the country you apply and the police check you in many cases to see if you ave a real marriage.

The good news is if you are married and it is real it is no problem but if you trying to get a passport with a fake marriage you can face criminal charges.
Many people write and say why not for love and for citizenship. I know several cases where it messes up people’s lives. They have tax and legal problems when one partner over the years changes their mind about the fake marriage agreement. Further many times, for example Arabian men, who wanted to Passport to work in London, have married Polish girls after paying the girls 15,000 Euro. The girls are happy until they try to get a divorce and the guy is not around. Then they can not get married legally anywhere in the world. I think there are easier ways to make 15,000 Euro, like pick apples in Norway or something.

Citizenship granted for contribution to an EU country

If you are a world famous football player or scientist there are cases EU countries have granted citizenship as these individuals will contribute to the country. They give more than they take in a big way.



Buying a EU citizenship

I think some countries like Bulgaria allow you to bring a lot of capital and set up businesses that would have a long term positive impact on employment they can set you up with a citizenship. But this is not buying a citizenship directly. Russia you can do this also but again it is more a matter of having a large amount of capital and Russia is not in the European Union.

You can buy a fake passport also. But I do not recommend this. A professional fake passport will cost about 5,000 Euro. One that is done really well with official numbers etc. This more common in Eastern Europe, however, if you get caught you will be in prison for at least ten years and there is little you can do about it. I can only recommend legal ways to get a citizenship.

What if I want an EU citizenship and can not do the above

You still have many options. You can get an EU citizenship if you really want.

Best way to obtain an EU citizenship

Live and work legally with a company sponsoring you. Develop some skill, that a company would shire you as opposed to someone else. This may take years but if you work legally in a country with time there is no reason you can not get a citizenship. My brother lived in the UK for 20 years (he is American) working and in a second he could pick up a UK citizenship. I have been living and working legally in Poland for over 5 years and my EU passport is around the corner. Why not do it with patience, like my brother and I did. This is the way to obtain a EU citizenship.


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