why choose the caribbean?

The Caribbean has long been a western dream vacation destination, and generations of visitors and investors have made the archipelago of tropical islands a paradisiacal crossroads of international culture.

There are many citizenship investment programs offered by countries around the world with varying levels of investment and residency, however the Board of Citizens International being expatriate residents themselves who are highly mobile believe strongly in the quality of opportunity for immigrant investors offered in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs are unique in the world. With the ability to invest directly in property, qualified applicants can be granted citizenship in as little as 90 days. This is a very special opportunity and particularly well suited to those not seeking an immediate move of their family. Some of the benefits include:

Visa-Free Travel

With little or no residency requirement, a qualified investor and their family can be granted citizenship in the British Commonwealth nations of Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, or St. Kitts & Nevis in as little as 90 days, and benefit from numerous privileges including visa-free travel to approximately 130 countries.

Wealth Preservation

A second citizenship and property investment in a Caribbean country can be an essential component in an international wealth preservation strategy. With an established history of protecting the privacy of its citizens, both island nations are home to international banks and developed financial services sectors.

Personal Security

On the most fundamental level, property and citizenship in the Caribbean represents security for your family. With growing food production and green energy sectors, and the natural ingredients for true sustainability in the future, the Caribbean holds significant advantages as a second home region.


The Growth of Wealth

  • 2014, world wealth up 8.3% or $20.1 trillion
  • 67% of increased wealth in NA and Europe
  • In 2013, up to $21.9 trillion, which eclipsed in 1 year the total wealth lost during the 2008-2012 economic crisis.
  • 2008-2013, the highest end of the market most resilient by far in terms of maintaining property investment value
  • By 2019 world wealth anticipated to increase 40% = total millionaires worldwide 50 M

The Desirability of the Caribbean

  • Tourism has long been one of the world’s steadiest growing industries
  • 2015 world tourism increased 4% overall to reach in excess of 1 billion tourists
  • Tourism spending in the Caribbean rose to $30 billion in 2015, a 4.2% increase from the previous year
  • 2010 – 2014 Caribbean hotel occupancy increased from 61% to over 68%
  • Clientele drawn almost equally from North America and Europe
  • 1994 to 2008 Caribbean tourism revenues doubled
  • Another doubling expected in the next 10 years


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