Our legal team and specialised lawyers are renowned in the global immigration arena, with over 25 years experience in fast turnaround dual citizenship programs.

Our outstanding team of professional consultants has been carefully selected and works towards our company ethos: Focused on you – our Client. – YOUR CHANCE FOR A BETTER LIFE –

We are proficient in identifying rare and exceptional opportunities around the globe for our clients which combine mainly solid investments leading to benefits of permanent residency, passports and citizenship in that country.


Currently there are only this countries which offer citizenship-by-investment programs that provide a direct access to second passport issuance: Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, Serbia, St. Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia.

Belize and Brazil for example, had previously offered same programs a while ago but had already stopped their programs. Panama second passport program was re-enabled in 2008 with other requires and conditions.

Every day, not only individual private clients and families, but also their trusted advisers worldwide, rely on us for our specialist knowledge in citizenship planning. This includes comparative citizenship laws, the relinquishment of citizenship, and the acquisition of second citizenship based on residence, ancestry or through a citizenship program and citizenship application.

The specialized services of Global Citizenship Investment are a reliable source and complementary advisory to other international firms. We regularly help law firms, private banks, family offices and other wealth management professionals with the unique and specific details required for citizenship application in countries all over the world for their clients.

Furthermore our consultants will guide you through the whole submitting process for the Citizenship Program Poland.

For each of our clients we analyze the individual situation carefully, present the available options, develop a plan of action and make it happen. Our extensive expertise and experience empowers us to deal with government procedures quickly and efficiently on your behalf

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