• Short term visas are visas that permit for intended stay up to 90 days only. Applicants travelling for a period less than 90 days are obliged for a shot term visa.Avoid the last minute disappointment
    On the occasion of main holidays in Egypt; it is advisable to plan your travel well in advance.
    Applicant’s lack of planning will not be a priority to the Embassy

    • It is advisable to prepare all your required documents corresponding to your travel dates, to avoid delay in the application process and to make sure that applying for the visa is about 30 days before travelling date.
    • Visa Application Centre procedure is not compulsory, applicants can also apply directly to the visa section at the Embassy of CYPRUS in Cairo to submit their applications with prior appointment through the call center 02-33323006, or contacting directly the Consular Section of the Embassy.
    • If any applicant is married to a Cyprus citizen, he / she must contact the Consulate and arrange for an appointment to apply directly there (Gratis visa).
    • If the applicant has a residency in EU and he / she wants to travel to Cyprus, he /she can travel without visa if he will travel from the Schengen area or any other place than Egypt. If He / She will travel from Egypt it is suggested that he applies for visa at the consulate in order to avoid any difficulties during his/her departure at the airport.
    • If any applicant has multiple Schengen visa or valid multiple visas from Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia he/she can travel to Cyprus with it, but if the applicant insists to get a visa from Cyprus he/she can submit his/her paper in Mahandru Associates.
    • The applicant is strongly advised to bring direct flight from Cairo to Cyprus. In any other case the Consulate may request that the ticket is changed to a direct one.
    • Processing time is up to ten working days
    • Holders of passports who do not need a visa to enter the Schengen area do not need a visa to Cyprus either (including inter alias Canadian, American, EU, Australian passports).
    • Special passport, services passport, diplomatic passport of the Arab Republic of Egypt do not need a visa to Cyprus they can travel directly.
    • Applicants may submit their applications at the nearest Mahandru Associates visa application Centre. they may also submit their visa applications at The Embassy /Consulate General
    • Any applicant from the below countries where there is on Cyprus embassy and do not live and thus they do not have residency in Egypt either, they have to submit their papers electronically to the embassy and the embassy will lead them.
      • (Ghana, Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, Syria, Ethiopia)
    • The Palestinians apply with a travel document for refugees, with a residency for 6 months at least in Egypt.
      • If any Palestinians applicant has Egyptian passport (mentioned in his passport that Place of birth is Palestine) we have to ask him/her to bring the all previous Palestinian’s passports.
    • Yemenis and Jordanians can apply. if they have unlimited residency in Egypt.
    • The Libyans can apply with a residency of stay at Egypt for 3 months at least.
    • Any foreigner must have a residency for 6 months at least, in order to apply for Cyprus visa.
    •  Entering Cyprus through the illegally Turkish occupied part of Cyprus (Ercan airport, ports of Kerynia and Famagusta) is illegal even if the person holds a valid visa of the Republic of Cyprus.Visitors should only enter Cyprus through the airports of Larnaca, Pafos and the ports of Limassol and Larnaca
    • If any applicant has an old valid passport and her children  are included on it, their names and  photos must be attached in the passport and in such case she will apply for herself and her children as one applicant ( by one passport )


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