Czech Business Immigration Program

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a EU schengen member country is situated in the heart of central Europe. Prague, capital of Czech Republic is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. The cost of living in Czech republic is cheaper compared to other european countries and the current prevailing cheaper real estate prices attract large number of investors to invest in czech real estate.

Czech Business Immigration Program

Czech Republic has the cheap  business immigration program in Europe for non EU persons and foreigners. You can move with your family and settle there, based on your business.

To obtain residence permit or get long term immigration visa to Czech Republic, you must form a company in Czech Republic. As an owner or managing director of the company to run business, you can easily qualify for  long term business visa.  The long term visa (or residence card) is initially issued for 6 months, and then it is renewed once in year after prolonged stay. With the long term ‘”D” business visa, you are free to live and work in any 25 schengen member countries including nearby Germany or Austria for maximum of 3 months, in 6 months. You are required to stay in Czech republic for atleast 90 days a year for long term visa renewal.

The SRO (like Limited Liabilty Company) is the most popular company structure owned by one person or partners, are most popular among among foreigners which needs a capital of CZK 200’000 (approx EUR 8200) of which atleast 50% must be paid up. The capital need not be paid by client, instead it can be financed under short term credit as well for a small fee. The whole procedure will take upto 4-6 months.

Further after 5 years of legal residence in Czech Republic, you will be able to apply for “Permanent Residence” and further 5 years from the date of permanent residence, it is possible to apply for Czech Citizenship. Czech Republic does not allow dual citizenship, which means you have to lose your previous citizenship upon naturalizing as czech national.

Dependents such as spouse and children under 18yrs of age are allowed to accompany the applicant, provided more proof shown to cover the expenses. No age restrictions, or business experience or language skills required for the Czech residence program.

We charge a flat all inclusive fee of EUR 6500.-,  to assist our clients with company formation and visa assistance. In addition, you will need to show EUR 10’000 to EUR 12’000 as proof of sufficient funds to cover accomodation and living expenses. We work with many law and accounting firms in Czech Republic to assist our clients.

You can take advantage of cheap real estate prices prevailing in Czech Republic such as buying an apartment or studio. Real estate can purchased in Czech Republic, like apartments, villas by foreigners owning SRO company, as it minimizes taxes.

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