Dubai Investment Immigration

Investment immigration by definition is where a foreign individual invests a certain amount of money into the country he wishes to gain a permanent residency permit in. The residency visa is granted on approval of the individual’s investment plan and will enable the applicant to live and carry out business in that country. It is important to acknowledge that each jurisdiction features different requirements to be met in order to qualify for a residency visa through investment.

Why Immigrate to Dubai?

Dubai is a popular location for many foreign investors seeking permanent residency. It is strategically situated geographically for international business relations and is renowned for its strong and stable economic infrastructure with ample employment opportunities. Dubai boasts a very high standard of living, with good health care and education. It is a tax haven for offshore investors, and popular amongst celebrities and high net worth individuals for its privacy and high standard of living.

Dubai Investor Visa Program

The investor visa program enables the applicant to gain permanent residency in Dubai through a monetary investment. As Dubai is a free trade zone, the applicant has a choice of investment opportunities:

  1. Establish a UAE enterprise
  2. Invest in an already establish UAE company
  3. Invest in UAE real estate

Benefits of establishing your own business enterprise in Dubai:

  • 100% foreign ownership of the company
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 0% corporate and personal tax

Conditions applicable under this program:

  • The applicant must invest in a local UAE company to gain an entry permit for work. Fees apply
  • The minimum investment by the applicant is 70,000 dhs
  • The investor cannot be employed by any other company other than the company he/she has invested into

Where an applicant decides to invest in a UAE company, this gives the investor greater independence and flexibility while residing in Dubai, compared to the flexibility achieved as a result of choosing the investment of a UAE real estate program.

Under the investment of a UAE company the applicant can take on an investor, partner or company owner title, thus allowing the right to a UAE investor visa or UAE residence visa. The UAE residence visa provides the applicant with the right to reside in the UAE for 3 years. Although there is no stipulation as to how long you must stay in Dubai for, if you are out of the country for a period of longer than 6 months, your visa will expire.

UAE Investor Visa

Under this program, the investor requires a Free Trade Zone license before being granted eligibility to seek a residency permit. The visa is issued directly from the Immigration Department of Dubai and does not require further approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The UAE investor program will allow the applicant (on approval of his residency visa) to act as a sponsor for his family members to apply for a residency visa. It is only possible to sponsor your family for the purpose of a residency visa where you earn a minimum of 4000 dhs per month. Once the applicant and his dependants have gained the UAE investor visa, they achieve with official UAE residency status, meaning that they must also obtain a UAE driving license before they can drive in Dubai. It may also affect any insurance policies the applicant might have outstanding in his domicile country.

The visa is approved once the investment of 70,000 dhs is transferred into the relevant government approved project and is then valid for 3 years.

Documentation required for an Investor Visa includes:

  • Relevant visa application form
  • 4 x passport pictures (not more than 6 months old)
  • Relevant visa application fee
  • Passport of main applicant
  • The Free Trade Zone license


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