Get EU Residency from Dubai

Hungary is a central European country bordering north of Slovakia and Ukraine; East of Romania and Serbia; South of Croatia and to the West of Austria. Apart from being a member of the European Union, Hungary is also member of NATO, OECD and the Schengen zone. The Hungary Government passed the investor residency bond program during the end of 2012. The purpose of this program, is for foreign nationals to purchase specially issued government bonds with a minimum value of EUR 300,000, and in return be granted with permanent residence.

The maturity period of this government bond is 5 years, which means the entire amount of EUR 300,000 is refundable after 5 years. This program has been considered the best Residency Program as compared to the other EU countries programs, which either require a significant purchase in real estate or a very high financial contribution.

The Hungarian Government have recently made some beneficial changes to the program. The application process has been simplified to just one application for permanent residence. Applicants are required to make one application and will receive lifetime residency within 3 months. As of July 2016, the Government is also allowing over 18 dependents to be included with the application.


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