Hungary Business Immigration Visa

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe, an EU member and a member of Schengen. The capital is Budapest, a beautiful tourist destination. Hungary’s national currency is the Hungarian forint (HUF). The exchange rate is approximately HUF 300  for a single euro.


  •     EU member country
  •     Visa free travel to Schengen and other EU countries
  •     Cheapest Immigration Program in Europe
  •     Affordable, Low cost of living in Hungary

We offer a business immigration program to our clients to move to Hungary. Just form a new company in Hungary and as a business owner, you can move to Hungary with your family. The most popular company form among foreigners is LLC (or Kft in Hungarian). The minimum capital required to form a company is approx EUR 10,000 (HUF 3,000,000).  One of the advantages of incorporating a company in Hungary is that there is no obligation to deposit the share capital in the bank, and 100% of this capital can be spent immediately after incorporation on company-related expenses (e.g. investment, warehouse rental, stocks, market research).

At the same time, please note that we generally require our clients to have at least EUR 30,000 at their disposal before applying for immigration to Hungary. We charge a flat fee with all services necessary for starting your company included in the package; however, there are several additional costs (e.g. travel, insurance, accommodation, office or warehouse rental, employees, etc.).

The company formation itself is very fast and usually takes 1-2 weeks. Hungary is a business friendly country and corporate taxes are 10% for small scale companies. Hungarian companies are automatically given an EU VAT number, and are required to file taxes periodically.

How it works?

To start this process:

We help you to incorporate a hungarian company and based on your business, you can apply for long term residence “D” visa to visit Hungary (apply at hungary consulate/embassy in your country). Once your visa is approved, you must visit Hungary and within 30 days you have to report at the immigration and asylum office and after 2 weeks you will receive your residence permit. You have to visit Hungary only once before you can relocate here. Residence permit cards are issued for maximum 2 years and must be renewed in Hungary.

This “temporary” residence permit allows you to live, travel, and do business in any sector with partners all over Europe and beyond. You can also buy property with the resident permit card. When you travel, you are free to visit any Schengen countries and spend there up to 90 days in a 6 month period.

The resident card is valid for 1 year and after that yearly renewals are done. After 5 years of stay in Hungary, you are eligible to apply for a “Permanent resident card”.

Please note that EU countries no longer stamp resident permits in passports; instead, biometric cards are given as of March 2012.


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