HUNGARY Residency & Citizenship by Investment

A booming hub in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary is one of the most-visited, culturally rich and well-located countries on the Old Continent.

The Hungarian Residency Bond Investor program is now suspended.
Explore other residency investment programs in Bulgaria, Portugal and Cyprus.


As a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone, Hungary is among the 30 most-visited destinations on the planet. The country is perfectly located in the center of Europe and boasts a rich and diverse culture of music, film, food and literature, as well as universal health care. Established in 2012, the Investor Residency Bond Program offers applicants a host of advantages:

  • Inclusion of qualifying family members, including parents, without age restrictions.
  • No requirement to travel to Hungary. Applications can be lodged at the respective Hungarian Consulate.
  • Fast processing leading to EU permanent residency for life in under 30 days.
  • No physical residency requirements.
  • Fully guaranteed investment returned in full after five years.
  • Free movement throughout Europe’s Schengen zone.

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