Immigrants come to rescue as US-born native population ages

It is a fact that America’s native-born population is aging, which presents a problem for the country as it cannot be globally as competitive as it was before. This is because it needs younger people to take up jobs and rejuvenate its economy.

In addition, it has also been reported that fertility rates among US-born white women are said to have fallen drastically as certain women in the workforce are marrying at an older age or are choosing not to have children till they were well settled in their careers. In the case of the other US women, careers have taken precedence over marriage or bearing children.

Data also reveals that the percentage of US women in the age-group of 40 to 44 opting to be childless is said to have doubled in the mid -2000s as against the mid-1970s. Currently, total fertility rates among non-Hispanic white women have declined below 2.1 in close to two decades.

The News and Observer quoting census data says that more deaths than births were witnessed among non-Hispanic white US-born citizens for the first time in more than a hundred years till the year ending 1 July 2012.

Falling fertility rates and rapidly aging population would pose a threat to the future economic scenario of many communities in the US. If this problem has to be addressed, then immigration reform certainly needs to take place.

Another figure that poses a problem to the US shows that during 2010-2015, 21 percent of the country’s population in metropolitan areas and 52 percent in its micropolitan areas fell.

This imbalance can be rectified only through immigration, aver experts. In fact, metropolitan areas in the US would have seen population decline further but for immigrants. It is opined that immigrants are revitalising communities by driving employment and economic growth, which is credited to their entrepreneurial ingenuity.

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