Immigration: Canada & the United States

Hands down, diversity is one of the greatest strengths of Canada. And by good fortune, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is working harder than ever to make Canada a nation for attracting immigrants and global talent. Immigrants make Canada a dedicated and diverse democracy; owing to its latest immigration reforms, it is now the most popular choice of destination for immigrants all across the world. Let’s see how Canada has been achieving this remarkable growth.

The Canadian immigration policy was always pretty straightforward. The intelligent and skilled individuals have always found a concrete place for themselves in Canada. Perpetually known as the country with a flexible open border policy, the workforce of the country is now seeing a transformation with the multicultural diversity flowing through myriad cities of Canada. The fact that individuals from different ethnicities come to Canada and work shoulder to shoulder creates a meaningful impact on the economy and the capability of the nation.

In what we could call as a canyon of difference between Canada and the USA, the immigration policies of both vastly contrast. In fact, with Trump signing the Executive Order to prevent immigrants and refugees entering from the seven Muslim-countries, it’s safe to admit that the policies barely bear any resemblance. The mere talk of the world says that Canada must be Trump’s model for the immigration reform. It looks like Trump has taken the advice seriously because he was found discussing Canada’s immigration policies with Trudeau on his visit to the White House. Trump was curious about the system that worked on points and how it measures individuals on a certain six selection factors, which is a different ballgame altogether. In the recent past, Canada made home to 40,000 Syrian refugees and went ahead to offer temporary residence to the ones who were left stranded by Trump’s recent travel ban.

As America calls for reforms, it makes perfect sense to borrow some tidbits from the Canadian form of immigration. This means America might want to emphasize on the skills and the education of the individuals who seek an entry into it. America will largely benefit from a system like this as skilled immigrants will diminish inequality and contribute to a stronger economy – thereby, creating more job opportunities and building leaders who can build stronger economies, back home.

But as the moon shines on Canada, it almost looks like there’s no stopping. It is presumably stressing on how its tech companies are an alternative destination for talented individuals from the seven affected countries. The Canadian technology industry is undergoing a favorable amount of growth and creativity at the moment with most of its techies coming from different countries. For some time now, the tech industries of Canada have been urging the government to accelerate the processing time for work permits.

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