Entrepreneurial contributions of immigrants to America

Migration Institute’s recent data shows that immigrants and their progeny in the United States account for 26 percent of America’s entire population as they number around 81 million.

The entrepreneurial spirit is said to have been ignited by them in the world’s largest economy following the Great Recession of 2008.

Among them, Tomas Gorny, the CEO of Nextiva, is notable. He is said to have transformed the way in which companies use cloud communications. He was one of the partners of the Internet Communications, which after being sold made Gorny a millionaire.

Entrepreneur says that immigrants bring to the table different experiences and adopt approaches unique to the countries they hail from. By upending the standardised set of rules, an immigrant can infuse new lease of life into the way of working. That is the reason why Gorny who joined as an employee in Internet Communications working his way up to become a partner.

A survey recently conducted by the National Foundation for American Policy showed that of the 87 startups it studied, 44 startups had one founder who was an immigrant. Advocates of immigration are of the view that immigrants are needed for entrepreneurial ventures. If their entry is restricted to the US and they leave, many startups would no longer be there. Going along with them would be their new ideas.

A problem with the US is that unlike its counterparts in the Western world, there is no exclusive visa programme for entrepreneurs. All the immigrant entrepreneurs floated their companies only after having worked as employees in a company for a few years.

The greatest gifts from immigrants to America are Google and Goldman Sachs. Without the presence of immigrants, these companies might not have existed at all. Variegated talents and experiences are the elements that immigrants bring and these cannot be replicated by native American-born entrepreneurs.

The bottom line is that for entrepreneurial talent o be alive and kicking in the USA, immigrants should be welcomed.

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