Immigration to Cyprus

The island country of Cyprus has recently made it easier to become a citizen, offering a Fast Track Citizenship program for migrants investing in the country or owing property there. You can qualify for citizenship with an investment of as little as two million euros ($2.8 million).

Mahandru Associates can help make the process of getting citizenship to Cyprus simpler.

There are many benefits of living in Cyprus, including a very safe environment with little crime, a high standard of health care, with affordable private hospitals, affordable private education and beautiful scenery. In addition, the price of property in the country is relatively cheap, compared with other EU member-countries.

If you want to reside in Cyprus, you will have to apply for an Immigration Permit from the relevant agency, who will issue you a residency visa once your permit has been approved. Mahandru Associates can advise you on how to apply for a residency visa or gain fast-track citizenship based on your qualifications. Please feel free to contact us today if you need help migrating to Cyprus. Our experienced immigration specialists are ready to provide you with the assistance that you need that will greatly increase the chances of a successful application.

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