Immigration to Germany


Germany is a country in Central Europe and is a prominent member of the EU. It is considered one of the prime destinations for investors since it is one of Europe’s most technically advanced countries, with a highly developed infrastructure as well as well laid out transportation system. Its strategic location geographically allows investors easy access to the other EU countries. The local workforce is highly educated and most of them know how to speak English. Trading is one of the country’s main sources of income.

The government has also implemented policies that are very friendly to foreign investors, including opening to them all the benefits that are available to local investors. In addition, the taxation system is very liberal compared with other EU countries, making it a highly competitive destination for investors. Foreign investors are also allowed to own property in the country as well as have a majority stake in German companies.


Investors are required to make at least €1 million direct investment and:

  • Have the financial resources and capability to make the investment
  • The investment must create at least ten new jobs in Germany
  • The same requirements are applicable to investors who are self-employed and have an entrepreneurial plan


Successful applicants are given the same rights as German citizens:

  • Application approved in six to eight months
  • Access to free education and healthcare
  • Easy access to EU countries
  • No net worth and income taxation
  • Permanent residency is applied to the applicant’s entire family
  • The applicant can decide on the type of company he will invest in, whether it is an existing company or a new startup
  • Government guaranteed investment


The settlement permit gives the applicant permanent residency status subject to the following conditions:

  • Must hold a residency permit for at least five years
  • Must demonstrate that they have a secure livelihood
  • Must have evidence of sufficient accommodation
  • Must be fluent in the German language
  • Must have basic knowledge of the German legal and social systems

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