Immigration Update | UAE New labour rules

Labour Contract:

  • The employer is obliged to provide workers employment contracts, which details the rights of both the parties in the native language of the recruit
  • The employer must give  an offer letter comprising details of the job
  • Request for issuing work permits for workers must be accompanied by the employment contract that is duly signed by both the parties
  • After registration amendments can be made only with the consent of both the parties and after the Ministry approval

UAE cancels 6 month’s work ban :

  • UAE Ministry of Labour has confirmed that the ban of six months will be cancelled beginning January if the work permit and employment are terminated in mutual agreement.
  • Employees will be allowed to join another facility immediately, even if the employee has not completed two years at the first facility.
  • However, there are certain level of worker ( mostly Labour class) exempted from this rule as well as those who terminate their service through consensus and have completed two years are also not allowed to move to another facility immediately. They are allowed to join another job only after a period of six months from the date of cancellation of the work permit

Fines waived on renewal of expired Emirates ID

  • Emirate Identity Authority will only exempt fines for those who can provide genuine reasons for the delay in registering for or renewing their ID cards
  • The forms must be submitted online
  • Once the form is submitted online, the Authority will decide whether the individual will be exempted from payment of fines or not
  • EIDA will send the individual a message informing him or her about acceptance or refusal of the exemption clause

DIFC government services office updates

  • Employee’s presence at DIFC GSO is no longer required for Employment Visa cancellation or Transfer.
  • The original Employee Confirmation Letter signed by the employee can be submitted by the company along with original passport or transfer form.
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