1. The person who applies for a work permit should have a proper documentation.
  2. Should not hold any Criminal cases pending against him.
  3.  The educational level should be high with the relevant back ground and work experience.
  4. Proper research should be done before applying for a job visa upon the company he is applying for.
  5. The salary must not surpass with the set standards by local professionals (i.e. minimum of 20,000 Hong Kong Dollars).
  6. The company which is offering the job should have an adequate proof that the position is being filled by the foreign national, due to unavailability of the skilled person in Hong Kong.
  7. Should give enough proof affirming that the hired person will work hard and positively towards improving of Hong Kong economy

Documents Required 

  1.  The applicant should apply documents in English or Chinese and must be accompanied by translation certificates.
  2.  Employment offer letter with complete copy of Employment Visa application form
  3.  Passport with minimum of six month of validity
  4. Recent photographs
  5. Educational Certificates and other relevant documents should be attested
  6. Travel and health insurance
  7. Application form for foreign employment professionals in Hong Kong
  8. Enrollment contract photo copy with all details of the employee’s salary and benefits he beholds during his stay in Hong Kong

Process of Application 

  1. All the required documents are ready then the complete package must be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department
  2. Once approved the documents must be collected from local Hong Kong consulate by hand
  3. The work visa is valid for one year and can be renewed continuously as long as your employer needs your services year by year.
  4.  For accompanying family members the Dependent visa must be obtained
  5.  In case of changing of job, the visa is non-transferable and the person has to get permission from immigration department to apply for new one
  6.  If the employee stays back in Hong Kong for seven years he is eligible to apply for permanent residency

Under Employment and professional Scheme, from March 2013, around 6000 visas have got issued. As visa processing take around 4-8 weeks with possible delays, so the applicants are guided to file their applications early to ensure a clear passage to his journey of Migration.

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