Malta Citizenship 4 UAE Residents

Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Program

The country of Malta is composed of a small group of islands located in the central Mediterranean Sea. Malta boasts an excellent climate, a low crime-rate, well-established telecommunications infrastructure, and an efficient healthcare system. The country’s economy rests on its successful manufacturing, tourism, food and beverage, and international financial services industries. Additionally, since 2004 Malta has been a member of the European Union and has taken a prominent step onto the world stage.

On account of these country conditions, its pro-business policies, and strategic trade location, Malta has become a very popular option for foreign investors.

Malta’s Individual Investor Program

Late in 2013, the Maltese parliament enacted a new immigration law called the Individual Investor Program (IIP). The IIP is aimed at encouraging foreign investment into Malta’s economy by incentivizing foreign nationals with the promise of a Maltese passport. Under the provisions of the new law, foreign nationals who make a minimum investment of 650,000 Euros (with an additional 25,000 Euros required for each accompanying spouse and child), may immediately be granted Maltese citizenship, and receive a Maltese passport, without first becoming a permanent resident.


Benefits of Malta Citizenship

In receiving Maltese citizenship and a passport, the individual is empowered with full voting rights in the country and is entitled to live, work, study, and travel in the nation. Malta does not bar dual citizenship so foreign nationals will not be required to renounce their previous nationality upon obtaining a Maltese passport.

Additionally, because of Malta’s membership in the European Union, bearers of Maltese passports enjoy the rights of free movement throughout the EU member countries and can also vote in elections for the European Parliament. Finally, on account of Malta’s agreement with the United States, Malta passport holders are also exempt from the American visa requirement if traveling to the U.S. for a period of less than 90 days.

Since the Maltese IIP is a brand new program, foreign nationals are advised to contact skilled attorneys to assist them in navigating this newest citizenship by investment law.


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