Scotland Needs Migrants More Than Rest of UK

Alasdair Allan, the Scottish Minister for International Development and Europe, told a gathering on 18 December that as their country’s population growth was static, migration was more essential for Scotland than the other parts of the United Kingdom.

He met bodies supporting migrants and asylum seekers to commemorate the International Migrants Day of the United Nations at Glasgow’s Pollokshields Burgh Hall.

Finding fault with the target of the Conservatives to cut down net migration to tens of thousands per year, Alan said that 369,000 migrants of Scotland helped increase the country’s population and manpower.

Glasgow Live reports BBC Reporting Scotland quoting him as saying that the net target set on migration does not help Scotland at all. According to Allan, Scotland is a nation that needed immigrants to come and reside there.

He said that since the country’s population was, in fact, falling more in the last five decades, they were in a position to understand that if Scotland needed to grow its workforce, it needed people to come from other countries to grow its population and its communities.

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