An Iranian Neuro spinal surgeon based in the Middle East for more than two decades with a seven-figure annual salary is struggling to pay modest tuition fees of his son studying in Europe. “I have to trouble friends with a more ‘acceptable’ nationality/passport to send money on my behalf. I am not sure how long I can continue doing that as my daughter is also planning to follow in the footsteps of her older brother in studying abroad. Considering the lack in the quality of education that I expect her to get, on top of the exacerbated tuition fees I am expected to bear here, it doesn’t give me much of an option but to support her cause” said while discussing with Mahandru Associates about taking one of the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs.

A Syrian entrepreneur, who is again based in the Middle East and happen to investment in more than 10 countries around the world, was extremely inconvenienced in one of those countries’ border when attempting to enter for finalizing a lucrative business tie-up with an industry partner. “Over the past half a decade, I have invested millions of dollars in this country and created several local employment opportunities for residents and citizens of the state. It is entirely unacceptable that, my passport book is more important than, the several successful worldwide travel history that I have, my perfectly clean business and security records and the fate of local businesses and professionals who could have benefited from such further expansions.” said with mixed emotions, while being presented with an initial approval letter, by a Mahandru Associates representative, that comes along after 3 months of filing the documentation for the same.

These stories are unfortunately becoming more common in recent years, which have given Mahandru Associates an added incentive in providing comprehensive and customized Citizenship by Investment solutions for families which have found themselves in such conundrums. “We have to accept, sooner than later, that we live in a world where your one of a kind first-class profession or your worldwide investment portfolio will do little to help you manage your day to day basic family needs of travel, education and carrier advancement. If we do realize the fact that, this all need to be solved ones and for all, second citizenship programs will come as an automatic antidote in doing the same, for which firms like Mahandru Associates has the required expertise to help out with.” as was rightly put by Mr. Raheel Sheikh, Managing Director of Mahandru Associates.

Mahandru Associates is one of the reputable names in the MENA region in advising individuals interested in alternative residency and citizenship programs. Contact one of our experts for a confidential and detailed consultation.


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