Subtler aspects of visa and work authorisation for overseas study

Have a look at the finer aspects of overseas studies, more so with the job prospects and work authorisation in particular.

As a foreign national, it is better to be aware of your eligibility for a student visa. The period for which the visa is valid varies owing to factors such as the type of the course, the programme and the nation one is planning to migrate to. The US student visa is known as an F-1 visa. It is applicable to all non-US national students. This visa lasts for the entire duration of your educational course with an additional one-year work authorisation.

The US allows a student to avail work authorisation for one year after the studies, which can be extended for up to two and a half years. In case, you wish to stay longer, you need to apply for work authorisation in the US, termed as H-1B visa.

Overseas students are also permitted to take up a part-time job while studying. Generally, in the US, New Zealand and Australia, students are allowed to work for twenty hours per week. Countries such as the US allow students to work only on campuses.

During semester vacations, the students are permitted to work for forty hours per week. This means being employed in a full-time job, in terms of hours of work. Part-time work enables a student to cater to expenses for food and accommodation.

Upon completion of the studies, a student can remain in the country on a student visa for securing relevant job experience. In the US, for instance, this term known as Optional Practical Training, is for a period of between twelve to twenty-nine months after the completion of the course. A student can be employed in a full-time job to get adequate experience.

One needs to be cautious regarding the legal framework of the nation regarding the work authorisation. Some extent of ambiguity will prevail pertaining to securing a job, work authorisation and related aspects. However, professional assistance and careful investigation can provide clarity.

Moreover, all the universities have an overseas students’ division to assist global students. If you are planning to study abroad, approach Mahandru Associates to get professional counselling and to file for a visa.

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