The relaxation for complete execution of the electronic travel authorization extended by Canada

Tourists from nations to Canada who do not need a visa to arrive in Canada can still continue with their journey devoid of the electronic travel authorization till November. Earlier the government of Canada had announced that the current process of pre-clearance would lapse in September. Under this system tourists from nations that enjoy visa waiver could on board flights without the ETA.

The CIC news had quoted that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada had announced that the relaxation would be extended till November. As of 10 November, most of the visitors from nations that enjoy the visa waiver to Canada needed to complete the ETA form and receive approval before boarding the flight.

John McCallum, Minister of Immigration in Canada has informed that the relaxation was extended to increase awareness among the tourists. The ETA was announced by the Government of Canada in mid-2015 and implemented by the second half of that year.

The Immigration Minister also said that government was initiating measures in discussion with the aviation sector partners to reduce inconvenience to the tourists. This included an extension of relaxation to ETA and conducting next information campaign in Canada and other nations. The campaign would promote and help overseas immigrants to arrange the required visa documents before boarding the flight.

The purpose of ETA was to help safer flight travel to Canada. It also intended to make the air travel smooth for overseas immigrants who do not need a TRV to arrive in Canada. The process of screening permits IRCC to check tourists with visa waivers for a probable health issue and criminal record.

Applicants who wish to secure ETA must submit an online form for themselves and the family members accompanying them if the case is so. The families cannot process single ETA for all members that include even the minors.

IRCC also announced that the passport exemption for nationals with Canadian dual citizenship was also extended if they leave and re-enter Canada. Earlier applicants who had citizenship of Canada and another nation could arrive in Canada with the passport of the other nation even in a scenario where the citizens of the non-Canada nations would usually need a TRV.

By November every citizen of Canada will need the Canadian passport to travel by flight to Canada. However, the American-Canadian citizens are exempted from this. They can arrive in Canada with the American passport and without the ETA.

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