The various aspects of migrating to Canada and gaining citizenship

Canada is increasingly being chosen by many for overseas immigration. The nation has a very good public healthcare system and the people are also forthcoming. One needs to stay in Canada for at least six years to become eligible for citizenship. Immigrants also need to have very good conduct and have some basic knowledge about the country.

In case you have already moved to Canada and exploring the possibilities of becoming a Canadian citizen, there are certain criterions that one needs to fulfill. The first and most basic requirement is that one has to be at least 18 years old.

Applicants below the age of 18 must submit their application duly filled by their parent or legally sanctioned guardian. They must be permanent residents of Canada and the parent has to be a citizen or must be an applicant for the citizenship at that time.

If the above criterion is not satisfied, there is one more option popular as Express entry. It is through this mode that the skilled immigrants enter Canada. People who apply through this option are given particular points that are dependent on their unique talents and availability of jobs. Then they are compared with all the applicants. The applicants who score the highest points and ranked high are then given the chance to become the permanent residents.

There are several other options through which one can apply for the permanent residence in Canada. One can apply via the province they have selected, avail an investor visa, get assistance from a family member who is already staying in Canada, or one can even opt for the Quebec visa that has certain special requirements for overseas immigration.

Once you obtain a permanent residence status you become eligible for healthcare facilities, getting a job, education and movement to any part of Canada. But you do not get the eligibility to vote, contest for a public post, or secure a job that mandates high-level security approval.

Upon securing the invitation for permanent residence one has to declare the duration for which one intends to stay in Canada. This has to be for a minimum of two years in a five-year period. In case you fail to satisfy this minimum requirement, there are chances for losing the status of permanent residence.

It was quoted by the business insider that there is also one more option to become eligible for applying for Canadian citizenship. If one is working as a public officer popular as Crown servant or staying with the family members who are Crown servants then also you can apply for citizenship in Canada. You must have stayed with them for six years.

All permanent residents do not necessarily become citizens of Canada. One needs to be living in Canada for a minimum period of 1,460 days or four years in the period of immediate six years prior to the application of citizenship. Apart from this one has to be present in Canada for a minimum of 6 months in the calendar period of the four years for the consideration of your citizenship application.

One must also be able to provide statements of income tax for the four-year period that will be considered for processing the application for Canadian citizenship. This is to confirm that you have a legal job in Canada. Apart from this one must have the knowledge of at least French or English language. You need to have a working knowledge of any of these languages and fluency is however not expected. The decision on your linguistic requirement will be taken by the Citizenship officer.

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