British immigration reforms worry Cobra Beer chairman

Business leaders in the United Kingdom are a worried lot as they fear cutting immigration numbers to less than 100,000 per year from the existing 300,000 would affect their country’s economy.

Karan Bilimoria, a co-founder and chairman of Cobra Beer, said countries like Australia would benefit at the cost of Britain if the UK makes it tougher for migrants to arrive on their country’s shores.

ABC News Online quotes Bilimoria as telling 7:30 that currently the UK has the lowest unemployment levels in many years, which is despite the fact that it houses more than three million people from the EU who work there. What would happen if these three million people are no longer staying and working in Britain, he asks.

According to Lord Bilimoria, Cobra beer manufactured by them is now available in 99 percent of the Indian restaurants in Britain and in 45 other countries the world over.

He stated that the fact he was appointed to the House of Lords in 2006 and was made the chancellor of the University of Birmingham in 2014 was due to the opportunities that the UK made available under Margaret Thatcher’s leadership.

Lord Bilimoria said that when he arrived in Britain in the early 80s, it was a bit player in the world economy and entrepreneurship was not regarded highly at all.

But the UK could run the risk of returning to the same era if the current political dispensation keeps sending negative signals, he said.

Lord Bilimoria also said that government officials of Australia were thanking them and saying it was because of Britain that crème-de-la-crème workforce from countries such as India were entering their nation.

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