Going where?! Talking to your BFF about Study Abroad

We’ve got the basics covered for keeping in touch with your BFF during your study abroad program.

A few ‘musts’ for before you go

1. Tell them you’re going abroad.
2. “You’re going where?!?” Show them where you’ll be on a world map.
3. Explain the correct pronunciation of your host country.
4. Review Memorize the time zone difference between the two of you.
5. Download free apps for mobile chatting (just add WiFi).
6. Take a picture together that you can hang up in your new room or school locker.
7. Write down the dates (exact to the minute!) when you’re leaving and when you’re coming home.
8. Be realistic– remember that you might not have stable WiFi access for a few days after you arrive, so set clear expectations.

While you’re abroad

9. First thing’s first: snap a pic of your new surroundings!
10. Figure out the WiFi situation.
11. You might be playing phone tag for a bit, so set up a good time to have an official check-in chat.
12. Remember their birthday!! (And call them first thing, even if it’s 3 am your time.)

Preparing to return home

13. Buy them a souvenir (a really, really good one).
14. Make plans to see them as soon as you get back.
15. Re-establish normalcy. It takes dedication to make your relationship stronger than ever, but it’s totally worth it!

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