Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program

  • Dual citizenship privilege
  • No permanent residency requirement
  • Estimated time 2 – 3 months
  • Visa – free regime 95 countries, including the EU (Schengen zone), United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 25 years old or unmarried dependent daughters under 25 years old
  • No Interview requirement
  • No requirement to reside in Dominica before or after Citizenship is granted
  • Right to live and work in Dominica
  • Non taxes for non – residents

Investment Options:


Option 1:

Non-refundable contribution to the Government Fund


Option 2:

Investment in a pre-approved real estate project

•Contribution of US$ 100.000 for a single applicant

•Contribution of US$ 175.000 for family application I

(applicant + spouse)
•Contribution of US$ 200.000 for a family application II (applicant + spouse + two children under the age of 18)
•Contribution of US$ 200.000 for family application III (applicant + spouse + more than (2) children with an additional contribution of each dependent under the age of 18 years of US$ 50.000)


•Contribution of US$ 175.000 for a family application (one parent and up to two (2) children under 18 years old).


•Investment of a minimum value of US$220.000 for a fraction (US$ 2.500 processing of ownership) or US$360.000 for full title on a pre – approved real estate project. (Payable 10.95% of the investment / purchase price + surveyors fee of US$1.500)


Holding Period: 3 year

Government Fees (apply only for investment on pre-approved real estate projects)
US$50.000: main applicant
US$25.000: spouse of the main applicant
US$20.000: for each child under 18 years old
US$50.000 each qualified adult dependent above the age of 18 – 25 years old other than spouse.

Due Diligence Fees
US$7.500: main applicant
US$7.500: spouse
US$4.000 per person above 16 yeas old

Processing Fees
US$3.000 per applicant
USD $750 Citizenship Certificate of Registration per applicant
USD $1.200 Passport Fee per applicant

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