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Starting from 19 November, Australia will have four new work visas, which will replace the existing training and research visas and temporary work visas, following an approval by the Governor General of the new legislation.

Subsequently, the Department of Immigration will not accept new applications for Subclass 402 Training and Research Visa, Subclass 420 Temporary Work (Entertainment) Visa, Subclass 488 Superyacht Crew Visa, Subclass 416 Special Program Visa and Subclass 401 Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity) Visa.

SBS quotes the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) as saying that the new structure was devised to ease the process of applying for a temporary visa. According to DIBP, bureaucratic hassles for individuals and businesses would be diluted by doing away with sponsorship and nomination criteria for particular short-stay stints.

One of the new visas to be introduced would be Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa, which would permit workers to gain entry into Australia to take up short-term, distinct work of a specified duration and to participate also in activities which would promote interests of the country Down Under.

Eligible for this visa would be people who plan to come on a temporary basis to Australia to engage in short-term, very specialised work not happening currently and in restricted situations, participate in a work or activity promoting Australia’s interests.

Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa will allow workers to come to Australia in accordance with a bilateral agreement; to represent an overseas government, as an individual with legal immunities and privileges or for participating in the Seasonal Worker Programme, etc.

People, under this visa, would be eligible to come to Australia temporarily in accordance with a bilateral agreement, to take up domestic work on a full-time basis for a diplomat, as an individual with legal privileges and immunities, to represent an overseas government or for teaching a foreign language in an Australian educational institution and to take part in the Seasonal Worker Programme.

Subclass 407 Training Visa lets workers come to Australia to take part in job-related training or participate in classroom-based professional development pursuits.

Subclass 408 Temporary Activity Visa permits temporary workers to come to Australia to take part in a non-currently happening cultural or social activity following an invitation from an Australian organisation, watch or take part in a research project as an

academic, to be employed as a skilled worker under a staff exchange arrangement and take part in an event endorsed by the Australian government, and so on.

Under this temporary visa, people may be employed in the entertainment industry, take part in a non-happening social or cultural activities following an invitation from an Australian organization, participate in theological work, take part in a special programme to improve cultural exchange and international ties, participate in sports activities at higher level, which includes training, be employed as a crew member of superyacht and to carry out domestic work full-time for families of a select group of senior foreign executives.

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