France’s investment programme

Immigrant entrepreneurs are always welcomed by most countries as they boost investment of the place they migrate to and also create employment for local people. France has now rolled out the resident citizenship programme, which is based on investment in order to boost its economy and attract more foreign investment.

The high net worth investors can now avail a 10-year economic residency permit by making non-speculative investment in France for a long term. The investment under this residency program can be routed to France by an individual or by a business entity.

The criteria for granting the citizenship have been made simpler and investor-friendly. The processing time has also been hastened. It now takes only a maximum of two months to be processed.

The investor programme that aims to enable smooth immigration of entrepreneurs to France does not include criteria such as past residency, vocation or linguistic skills.

The investors who want to avail this programme need to make invest a minimum of €10 million which has to be only for either commercial or industrial purposes. The applicants need to be in a good standing with regards to the French territory residency rights.

The investment programme based citizenship offers unhindered entrance to 26 Schengen area nations. This also enables individuals or entities to have unrestricted access to education and healthcare facilities in France. The citizenship offers living conditions on par with those of native French citizens. The validity of the investment enabled citizenship is for 10 years.

Citizens arriving in France under investor friendly resident programme are not taxed in France. Only the profits gained under this investment are taxed. Investor resident is, therefore, not a tax resident under this programme.

The wife and children of the investor citizen get French visas automatically. The most attractive feature of this investor programme is that individuals are eligible for French citizenship after three years of staying permanently in this West European country.

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