Portugal Immigration Services

Portugal has become one of the most popular destinations for migrants due to its Golden Visa Program. The property-for-visas program has been highly successful and since it started in 2012, it has sold some 1.53 billion euros worth of homes. Portugal has achieved this success because of the many benefits it offers to migrants, which include:

Temperate weather:- Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe, with an average temperature of 13-degrees C. The warmest months are from March to October with temperatures reaching their hottest in July and August.

Beautiful beaches:- The coastal regions of the country, which stretch along the entire southern and western areas, are among its strongest draws for tourists. Portugal is known for having some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, including famous ones that can be found along the Algarve, where there is spectacular scenery such as scalloped bays and looming cliffs.

English-speaking:- Younger Portuguese are taught English in school, making it easier to communicate with them.

Affordable cost of living:- This is one of the biggest draws for expatriates who want to live in the country. The cost of food is much cheaper compared with other countries in Western Europe, and property is affordable.

Travelling around the country is easier:- Public transportation in the country is efficient and cheap. While the costs of petrol and automobiles are relatively more affordable than in other Western European countries; the country has a good network of carriageways and highways, and the traffic is considerably lighter except during peak hours.

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