The Portuguese Republic is a semi-presidential republic with a democratically elected government system that has been in place since 1974.It is located in South-Western Europe bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west and by Spain to the north and east. The capital is Lisbon, the majority religion is Roman Catholic and the national language is Portuguese.

It is one of the world’s most globalized and peaceful nations with an agreeable year round mild climate. It is a member of the United Nations, European Union, Euro-zone, NATO, WTO, and Schengen Area. The population of 10 million Portuguese contributes to a GDP that is over $250 billion. The Portuguese currency is the euro (€) and the country was one of the original member states of the Euro-zone.

The country trades mainly within the European Union, the US, Canada and Asia and above all South America and Africa where the former Portuguese colonies of Brazil and Angola are major trading partners.The Portugal Golden Visa Economic Citizenship Program is a legal naturalization program based on the law and guaranteed by the Government since 2007. If you’re interested in securing Portugal Citizenship, contact Mahandru Associates so as we can guide you through the Investment Program.


  • Residency of a European Union member country.
  • Guaranteed by the law of Portugal since 2007
  • EU Residency in 45 days, citizenship after 6 years.
  • Total freedom to move in the Schengen countries.
  • Only 7 days visit a year in Portugal, one of the lowest of all EU countries.
  • Possibility of investment in Fixed Deposit, Real Estate or a Business.
  • No need to renounce your current citizenship(s).
  • Ranked 4th best passport in the world for visa free travel after UK and US but without 6 months annual residency requirements.

To travel to Portugal; being part of one of the schengen states, you need to get a Schengen visa from the designated consulate in the UAE. However in light of the refugee and security crisis in Europe, a very carefully drafted travel plan & a much detailed application is needed in order to get a Schengen visa. Basic documents you will need to obtain a Schengen visit visa from Portugal vary from case to case.

We are experienced enough to advise you on this matter in advance and assist you. In today’s political and refugee crisis, a simple Schengen visa application has become a ‘project’ for most applicants from the UAE; Especially for certain nationalities. Through our experience and training, we have developed special expertise in making sure the visa officer judge you based on personal merits of your application, ‘not just based on your nationality’.

We employ our legal understanding of the internal protocol of each embassy and know what additional documents and information the visa officers would look for from certain applicants at present.  We are ‘not just filling forms’ any more. We think, plan and put forward a legally challenging application that would be hard to refuse by any visa officer ‘without proper deliberation & thought’.

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