Applications increase for tech visas in UK post-Brexit from non-EU nations

It has not been all downhill for technology workers from outside the European Union post-Brexit in the UK. According to Tech City UK, a British government body in charge of processing applications for special visas, the number of applications had, in fact, increased after the referendum as it received over 200 applications starting from April. It has seen a tenfold growth compared to the same period last year when the applications received did not touch even 20.

In 2014, Tech City has been authorised to certify ‘Tech Nation’ visas numbering 200 per year for skilled workers from the non-EU nations in a bid to meet the demand for skilled coders.

Though the scheme saw only very few applications in the 2014 and 2015, they increased since April this year, with the month of November seeing a further surge.

Gerard Grech, chief executive of Tech City, said he would like to see the ceiling for visas being increased if access to migrants is reduced after Brexit. He was quoted by the Telegraph as saying that the results were heartening. Grech said that they would have more discussions with the government as they would be aware that technology talent was necessary for the growth of the country’s economy, and that there was a paucity of talent in this sector.

As Tech City approves more 70 percent of these visas and sends them for processing to the Home Office, the ceiling of 200 visas per financial year would be most likely be reached by April as against half the number in 2015.

Most applicants for tech visas were from the USA, followed by India and Nigeria.

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