Australia eases processes for primary temporary activity visas

The government of Australia has smoothed out the structure for temporary activity visas as the procedure of applying for them was made simpler and more effective.

According to, under the revised visa structure, the seven existing subclasses, which were present previously, have now been reduced to four. They are International Relations visas, Training visas, Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visas and Temporary Activity visas.

It has reduced the sponsor classes to just one, the temporary activities sponsor, relieving the administrative load.

There is, however, no change in requirements for eligibility and evidence. The pricing structure has been made uniform at A$275 for applications of primary temporary activity visa.

The DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) is of the view that these changes will prove helpful to professionals especially in the entertainment industry.

Henceforth, promoters bringing foreign shows to Australia would not have to shell out a nomination fee per entertainer, which was costing A$170. In addition, the charge on visa application has been lowered to A$275 from A$380.

Michael Burke, Assistant secretary, Planning, Design & Assurance, was quoted as saying that  the changes would cut down bureaucratic hassles for industry, business  and others by making  sponsorship requirements efficient and doing away with the nomination stage for various types of activities.

Introduced on 19 November, the revised Temporary Activity Visa structure was put in place following consultations with stakeholders.

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