Australia witnesses increase in short term visas for Indian and Chinese nationals

The immigrants from India and China are arriving in large numbers in Australia and this has resulted in an increase in the short duration visas. Around 350,000 immigrants from India and China were in Australia for diverse reasons such as tours, study, provisional workers and on other kinds of visas. This was revealed by a report of the Immigration department.

The right of the immigrants to work in Australia is getting controversial now and the Australian government headed by Turnbull has given indications that immigrants with the 457 visa may not be eligible for applying to several jobs as they are currently entitled to.

In the statistics revealed till the month of July, there were around 170,590 immigrants in Australia through the 457 visas. This was actually lesser by 9.3% when compared to the previous year as reported by the Australia’s Temporary ¬Entrants and New Zealand Citizens.

It was quoted by the Herald sun that the number of working holiday visa arrivals to Australia was 137,380 which was also lesser by 4.4% when compared to the previous year. There was, however, an increase in the number of overseas immigrant students with partial rights to work in Australia by 7% with 401, 420 students.

The breakup of the various nations for the student visa in the increasing order reveals that South Korea was the lowest with 17, 770 followed by Nepal with 18,780 students, Vietnam with 20,650 students, India with 41, 920 students. China had the highest number of students with 53,000.

The total number of overseas immigrants arriving in Australia on the provisional visas was 1.06 million which was 5.1% more when compared to the previous year.

This was inclusive of the 16% increase in the number of visitor visas to 262,450.

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