Azerbaijan welcomes foreign migrants, says its migration chief

Azerbaijan is being projected as attractive for overseas migrants because of its proactive economic policies, peaceful political climate and a friendly foreign policy.

AzerNews quotes Firudin Nabiyev, the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan’s chief, as saying that until now their country has not had a record of transgressions of migrants’ rights owing to their ethnicity, nationality or religion.

He stated this on January 10 when he spoke at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, which was chaired by Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan.

According to Nabiyev, betterment of the migration policy keeping with the current needs enabled the country to put in place steps to avoid the internal and external migration policy from being harmed.

The country is known for its accommodating nature towards migrants, he adds.

Ideal location, democratic dispensation and encouraging climate for foreign and indigenous investments to develop non-oil and oil sector has contributed to increased number of investments, said Nabiyev.

Foreign nationals and stateless people coming to the country traversing Southwest Asia and Southeast Europe for a duration of more than three days need to register with the Migration Service. The applicants should also provide a copy of their ID to the Migration Service personally through an email.

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