Employment for global students in US without the visa

Global students are restrained from being employed outside the campus in the US, apart from an internship as a part of their academic studies.

On the other hand, part time job on the campus is permitted, which is a wonderful way to avail some finances while being employed with the staff on the campus.

One student Yi Xu could have two jobs for herself while on the campus. She easily availed job as a linguistic tutor for her native language Chinese.

Her college, St. Mary’s College in Maryland had a good language program in Chinese. While many western linguistic programs like the Spanish or French had a good native tutor, there was no good instructor from China to assist as tutor.

Hence the Chinese students were employed as linguist tutors and aides for evaluating assignments. She approached the head of the language program for Chinese and was instantly hired as several Chinese students had passed out that year.

The role aide to the campus center was no less challenging as Yi Xu was required to have excellent skills in communication in English. Her duties included to welcome people, attend and divert calls over phone to front desk and arrangement of package room.

Though she was quite confident of the English communication skills, things were quire messed up on the day one itself. While attending calls, she found it tough to understand the accent which was tough for her. It was not possible for her to answer in a quick way while guiding on information or directions.

Later the in-charge transferred her to the packaging room from the front desk, which was much easier for her. This was quite easier as packages had to be arranged; a print of the details of the package had to be taken and sending mailers to students to collect their packages. As there was two staff employed, she wasn’t required to interact much with people.

As one semester passed by, she became more comfortable talking to people in person and over the phone calls. As time passed by, she developed affinity for the job as it gave her increased chances of interacting with people and having new friends. Now she is at the degree school and continues to relish her job as on campus student worker in School of Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University.

On the whole Yi Xu, who initially thought of an on campus job as a means to avail the Social Security Number and earn some money, eventually she appreciated it as an chance to be occupied in the campus term, get experience and have increased social circle with additional friends.

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