Experts from UN to appraise immigrants’ conditions in Australia, Nauru’s detention centres

The immigration policies and legal framework of Australia will be evaluated by human rights experts from the United Nations. The assessment will be done by François Crépeau, a special Rapporteur appointed by the UN for human rights of the migrant population in Australia. He will conduct his assessment in Australia from 1 to 18 November. quotes Mr. Crépeau as saying that this was a chance for him to appreciate the immigration policies of Australia in general and the effect it has on the human rights of the foreign population. This is going to be his first visit to Australia following the cancellation of his visit last year.

During the period of his 18 day visit Mr. Crépeau will hold discussions with officials from diverse fields in the government in charge of Australia’s boundaries, public, labour unions; National Human Rights Commission of Australia, global organisations and the overseas population too in order to appreciate the intricate supervision of the nation’s borders.

The locations in which he will be holding his meetings are Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane and in detention centres onshore. He will also be visiting the close by the Republic of Nauru to assess the off-shore detention centres. This information was shared by the Press release of the United Nations.

Upon completion of his assessment, the Special Rapporteur from the UN will make public the initial findings of his report at a press conference. It will be held at 10:30 am on 18 November at the information centre of the UN situated at Level 1, 7 National Circuit Barton, Canberra.

The nation’s mission report will be tabled at the Human Rights Council of the UN in June 2017.

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