Express entry Program of Canada has 60,000 profiles of immigrants

The Employer liaison officer of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, Dean Jorgenson has said that the Express Entry program has profiles of 60,000 immigrants. He was speaking at the Agriculture Labour Summit. The Express entry program was launched in January last year to enable Canadian employers to hire skilled workers from across the globe.

Express entry program is the platform that provides avenues to overseas immigrants who wish to migrate on the economic basis, said Jorgenson. This is a system for application management of immigrants who intend to move to Canada under diverse economic categories.

This visa scheme caters to the management of applications under diverse visa schemes such as the Canadian Experience Class visa, Federal Skilled Trades Program visa, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and some of the provincial nomination programs. Jorgenson said that the express entry scheme was an advanced visa management application as compared to the earlier system based on the paper that was the first arrival –first exit scheme.

Elaborating on the advantages of the express entry scheme Jorgenson said that it is an entirely digital process which enables to take benefit of the international network. With this system, the resources in one corner of the world can be utilized to process the application of candidates elsewhere in the globe.

The benefits of express entry scheme visa are diverse that also include faster processing of the applications, according to Jorgenson. The employers who intend to hire candidates from the express entry pool through the LMIA mode do not have to give the processing fee.

In the express entry scheme, the candidates must create a free profile online for which they need to have certain minimum qualifying criterions. They need to then give details regarding their education, basic personal details, age, and work experience including the current job. The candidates are then awarded points accordingly.

Applicants under the express entry scheme can secure points up to 1,200 that can be credited to them depending on their linguistic ability in French or English, education and work experience. After the completion of the profile, they can record themselves in the Job bank of Canada.

In this manner, the candidates can market themselves to the employers in Canada and it also gives an opportunity to the firms in Canada to get a pulse of the trends in employment markets. It will also give them the vital data if there are candidates who are eligible for the jobs they have to offer.

Candidates in the express entry pool are then given prior approval for qualifying for the least criterions of any one of the programs in the pool. These candidates would have even otherwise been prospects for getting a job in Canada.

Once this process is completed, the top-ranked applicants in the pool are given an invitation to apply for the permanent residency visa in Canada.

The immigration department ensures that for a specific time period it has the ability to process a minimum number of applications that is predetermined, for instance, it could be 1,000 applications. Then the top ranked 1,000 applicants in the express entry pool are extended an invitation to apply. Jorgenson further explained that since the express entry scheme was launched, more than 54,000 candidates were given the invitation to apply.

At present the express entry scheme is only for permanent residency applicants for jobs that are of permanent nature, skilled, and non-seasonal. This includes technical jobs, management jobs, skilled trades, and management jobs. The government of Canada is evaluating the express entry scheme for including the partly skilled workers in the future.

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