Government of Canada increases funding for overseas worker programs in its federal budget

279.8 million dollars will be provided by the Government of Canada in its federal budget for a period of five years from 2017 onwards towards the International Mobility Program and Temporary Foreign Worker Program. After this, it will allocate 49.8 million dollars every year towards these immigration programs. The annual budget of the government has also allocated funds for initiatives to recognize the overseas credentials of the newly arrived immigrants to Canada.

These two immigrant programs are intended to assist the overseas workers to arrive in Canada. Temporary Foreign Worker Program is intended to allow overseas workers to cater to the scarcity of labor in jobs for which permanent residents and citizens of Canada are not available.

The International Mobility Program aims to further the cultural and economic interests of Canada. The categories included under this program are Intra-Company Transfers, North American Free Trade Agreement, and International Experience Canada or visas issued to common-law partners or spouses of overseas workers or students in Canada under the open work permits.

These funds were announced as a part of the federal government’s budget for the year 2017 which was presented by Bill Morneau, the Finance Minister of Canada. In 2016 September the Parliamentary Committee in Canada had recommended changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The changes include modifications to processing methods, monitoring, transition plans and methods for overseas workers to secure Canadian PR.

While some of the recommendations were implemented in the December 2016, it was declared by the government that further reforms would be made public in the federal budget. It was anticipated that budget would include fundamental changes to the program. In the beginning of 2017 Patty Hajdu, the Employment Minister said that many of the actions of the department were linked to the budget and budget would be released shortly.

The federal budget of Canada for 2017 also intends to facilitate the settlement of freshly arrived immigrants in Canada; in particular by providing funds to the programs that help newly arrived immigrants to get recognized their international credentials in the labor market of Canada.

The funds allocated in the federal budget of Canada are aimed at supporting a targeted employment action plan for newly arrived immigrants. The action plan will consist of three aspects:

• Betterment of support for pre-arrival to enable newly arriving immigrants to commence the process of securing approval for their overseas credentials prior to their arrival in Canada

• A loan initiative that will help newly arriving immigrants with funds for getting their international credentials recognized

• Specific initiatives to assess innovative approaches to assist skilled overseas immigrants who have newly arrived to secure the work experience in their relevant profession

The Canadian government said that these strategies will assist newly arrived overseas immigrants to overcome hurdles and support them to utilize their skills to work in the economy of Canada.

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