Immigration New Zealand website sees spike in visa applications from US

The website of INZ (Immigration New Zealand) website has been witnessing an unusual number of increase in applications from the United States, following the declaration of results in that North American country’s presidential elections.

Greg Forsythe, INZ Marketing Manager, said that at least 56,300 people visited its site in one full day until 3 pm (New York time) on 9 October. According to him, it was a twenty-four-fold increase from the every-day average of 2,300 visitors.

Forsythe was quoted by the Bloomberg as saying that on an average, INZ was used to receiving 3,000 visits per month from the US citizens through the New Zealand Now website for studying, investing or working in the Southwestern Pacific nation. He said that they had received 7,287 registrations in just 24 hours, which is more than double the registrations they used to receive in one month from Americans normally.

New Zealand, which was considered a remote island not far ago, is turning into a godsend for a lot of wealthy people from the US as well as Europe, both of which are going through political apprehensions right now.

Canada also has been top on the priority list for Americans, who want to exit their country after Donald Trump pulled off one of the most unbelievable upsets in history by defeating Hillary Clinton.

The website of Immigration New Zealand website recorded 207,340 visits from the US in the last one month, an increase from 105,245 during the same period in 2015. On the other hand,  the New Zealand Now website, which puts up information about various parameters such life, work, investment and study in this country neighbouring Australia, was a recipient of 126,380 visits from the US for the last one-month period as against  40,520 in 2015, added Forsythe.

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