Immigration to Canada more promising now for students from India

Indian students looking to move to Canada for their studies can feel happier now. There is an increase in the visa groups that are utilized more frequently by the immigrants from India. Though there is a drop in the number of approvals for visas, the visa approvals for 2017 is equal to that of 2016 being 300,000.

John McCallum the Minister for Refugees and Citizenship acknowledged that the current immigration policies for global students are unsatisfactory. The current legal framework is not friendly for the students when they look forward to becoming citizens of Canada. But the laws will be modified soon to transform the scenario in favor of the students.

The Hindustan Times quoted the Minister as saying that though the overseas students are an asset to the nation as they are skilled and have knowledge of French or English, they are currently not taken care of satisfactorily. McCallum assured that the points allotted to the students under the express entry scheme will be increased to assist them to become citizens of Canada.

In 2014 Canada launched the new education policy that had given India the status of a priority nation. In the advisory panel that was formed for deliberations on Global education strategy of Canada, Universities Canada engaged itself in a very prominent role.

The panel focused on assuring that the universities in Canada would be committed to globalization. They will have a diverse approach to the education of global students inclusive of mutual student and teacher movement, global research partnerships, common academic programs etc.

According to Universities Canada the fast-growing economies of India, China and Brazil are favored nations for many universities of Canada. This was also assisting to enhance communal bondage and organizational collaboration with the rising economic markets in the world. An official of Universities Canada informed that the growth of Canada’s global education policy was appraised by the proposals of the final report of the Advisory panel.

He also said that the Government of Canada was putting forward its best foot to hire top Indian talent. The students from India are being informed through diverse initiatives regarding the benefits of studying in Canada that offered the first-class education at a competent price. The nation also has a forthcoming, liberal, secure and a diverse ambiance.

The number of global students in Canada is on the rise and the strength has become twice in the period from 2004 to 2014 going up to 124,000 from 66,000. The analysis of nation wise break-up reveals that China with 34% was the topmost country in terms of global students migrating to Canada followed by France 7%, the US 6%, India 5% and Saudi Arabia 4%.

As per the latest information from Statistics Canada, the most admired streams of education for global students from India were engineering and architecture with 37% followed by public administration and business management chosen by 22% of the students. The other fields of study chosen by the students were information sciences, computer and mathematics 12% and life and physical sciences, and technologies 11%.

There are many factors that contribute towards Canada emerging as favored destination for overseas education. The universities are renowned for having first-class globally recognized education irrespective of the geographical area, size, and field of study with competitive price.

The standard of living also mattered. As per the list released by The Economist in 2015 the three cities of Canada – Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver – had secured a place in the world’s five top most livable cities. Montreal also secured the 14th position. Speaking on the issues that are likely to face the students from India, Shilpa Isabella from Bangalore who lives in Toronto said that the cold weather was tough to bear. The standard of passing at the university is also high with 70%. Irrespective of the field of study one needs to give complete dedication, she said.

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