Japan, Russia to ease visa restrictions for each other from January 2017 US to give ten-year multiple entry visas to Kazakhstani citizens Malaysia to enforce stringent visa rules for foreign students

Malaysia’s Higher Education Ministry, its Immigration Department and Home Affairs Ministry will continue to collaborate to grant visas to foreign students.

Malaysiakini quotes Idris Jusoh, Higher Education Minister of Malaysia, as saying that the measure was to see to it that foreign students were not taking part in terrorist activities.

He said that his ministry’s mandate was not to approve visas to foreign students.  As it falls under the purview of the Home Ministry and the Immigration Department, it is performed in the presence of Immigration officers by the EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services).

Jusoh added that their ministry would continue working with both the bodies to tighten the rules for issuing visas and rein in terrorist activities that foreign students nay indulge in this Southeast Asian country.

Khalid Abu Bakar, Malaysian inspector-general of police, reported that two foreign students had been arrested at Al-Madinah International University, Shah Alam on suspicion of being involved in terrorist activities.

Seven men were said to have been rounded up between 3 November and 16 December for their alleged involvement in terrorist activities in Malaysia.

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