Kuwait, Poland enter into mutual visa exemption pact

As Kuwait and Poland entered into a visa waiver pact in Warsaw on 10 October, both countries are expecting their business and political ties to improve further, according to an expert in Polish-Arab ties.

Khaled Al-Jarallah, Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister, signed a mutual visa waiver pact for holders of diplomatic passports with Joanna Wronecka, Polish Foreign Ministry Undersecretary.

Surender Bhutani, a visiting professor of Indian origin at the Polish Academy of Sciences, was quoted by Kuna as saying that Kuwait was the first Arab country in the Arabian Gulf to allow Poland to open a mission when the east European country was being ruled by communists.

According to him, ties between these two countries were very cordial. Kuwait is also said to have awarded scholarships to Polish students in the 70s.

In the early part of 21st Century, Kuwait opened its embassy in Warsaw, following which Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE also followed suit by opening their missions in Warsaw, Bhutani added.

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