Microsoft, Amazon likely to relocate migrant workers to Canada

E-commerce retailer Amazon, which is based out of Seattle, employs thousands of workers who come on H1B visas. With anxieties arising that President Donald Trump may enforce restrictions on work visas, it along with Microsoft, which also has 5,000 workers under the same program, may shift their foreign workers to Canada.

The reasons are obvious as Canada’s West Coast, particularly Vancouver, neighbours the state of Washington, which houses both the tech majors and has a dynamic tech environment.

In fact, Microsoft has an office in Vancouver with a space of 142,000 sq. ft, which can accommodate up to 750 employees. On the other hand, Amazon has space to accommodate up to 1,000 people in its facility in Canada. Nearness and similarity in culture between the province of British Columbia and Washington state, it is believed, will also help these immigrants keep their jobs and come to their headquarters whenever required.

In fact, following Trump’s temporary ban on seven countries, immigration and mobility exec of Amazon said that it was considering shifting to Vancouver.

Meanwhile, a Silicon Valley-based company named Truth North is said to be helping migrant workers from America to relocate to Canada. GeekWire cited TechCrunch as saying that this company is charging $6,000 from each immigrant to fly them to Canada, to provide accommodation and set up meetings with immigration consultants there.

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