Rise in requirement of overseas immigrants in New Zealand, says PM John Key

Poor work principles in the native workers of New Zealand has resulted in an increase in demand for overseas workers according to the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key. There is a huge requirement of immigrant workers even in sectors that require fewer skills such as fruit farming.  Latest figures reveal that till July this year around 69,000 overseas immigrants settled in New Zealand.

The Immigration Minister of New Zealand has informed that the government has decided to evaluate the population of overseas immigrants in the nation by the end of this year. But he clarified that the legal framework for immigration would remain liberal.

On the other hand, Labor Party has demanded appraisal of the nation’s list of lack of workers. It has argued that there is a disparity between migration and requirement of the job market.

It was quoted by workpermit.com that in an interaction with a radio in New Zealand John Key informed that the rise in overseas workers required improvement in the infrastructure facilities of the country. But nevertheless, he assured that more and more overseas workers will be encouraged arrive in New Zealand to cater to the job requirement in huge numbers.

The New Zealand Government was encouraging overseas immigration in large numbers based on the data it received from the companies. The various organizations had informed the government that they were finding hard to hire natives of the country due to low work principles and issue of drugs.

The companies in need of workers have informed the government that some of the local workers do not qualify the test for drugs. Many of them complain that the workers report health issues later and do not come back to work after some days.

Key said that location on the globe will be a significant factor that will decide the balancing of jobless workers and jobs that are available. He stated that overseas immigrants are getting those jobs that are remaining vacant due to unavailability of local workers.

The New Zealand PM also added that the rise in immigrant workers necessitates betterment of infrastructure facilities. But the increasing number of overseas workers also contributes positively to the growth of the economy. They also increase the cultural diversity of the nation, said Key.

The fruit sector has supported the New Zealand government’s efforts to encourage more overseas immigrants to the country. One of the directors of Horticulture New Zealand Leon Stallard has said that John Key had assessed the practical situation of the fruit sector and it was true that overseas workers were more dependable when compared to the local workers.

Stallard also said that the productivity of the immigrant workers was greatly higher when compared with the native workers. He gave an instance that in the previous year there were only two workers from New Zealand out of the total thirty workers who would be working on a fruit farm. He said that he had hired more overseas workers for his own farm too.

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