Saudi Arabia to electronically link four ministries to issue investor visas within 24 hours

Four ministries of Saudi Arabia will have their systems linked electronically in order to help issue investor visas within 24 hours.

According to Arab News, Al-Eqtisadiya newspaper quoted Osama Nugali, the Foreign Ministry’s media head, as saying that an agreement had been reached to electronically link the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to supply its visa system with data and information required to make way for process of issuing visas as well as hastening it.

The agreement is also extended to the General Investment Authority for providing the Foreign Ministry with a list of accredited establishments to follow-up on their requests through Saudi Arabia’s missions located overseas.

Nugali said that as per the agreement, the missions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been given the approval to issues business visas to people wanting to enter the Arab country to scout for investment opportunities. Henceforth, it is not required that applications be accepted from an official of the Saudi government as visas can be issued by the embassies directly.

Visas will be granted within 24 hours after the time of the passport’s receipt following the confirmation of the application status and its approval.

These facilities would also be extended to business visits by individuals having a business or commercial status and foreign companies’ heads. It would also be extended representatives of businesses who have been invited by a company in Arabia to meet their counterparts, said Nugali.

The embassies of Saudi Arabia located all over have also delegated the task to monitor and assess the performance of visa service offices in those countries.

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