Tablets and laptops will not be permitted on flights from certain nations by the UK and the US

Britain and America have prohibited carrying tablet sand laptops for travelers arriving through flights from certain nation’s airports that include North Africa, Middle East, and Turkey by referring to be posed with threats from terrorists.

President of the Center for Analysis of Terrorism Jean-Charles has said that the US intelligence agencies identify specific threats and recommends actions that are executed by the American authorities and put into operation Transportation Security Administration.

He elaborated that certain groups in the Arabian Peninsula such as the Al-Qaeda have been attempting for several years to get accustomed to the latest security measures that are practiced in America and its ally nations. They specifically attempt to miniaturize explosives, explained Charles, as quoted by the Times of India.

The new measures will be dependent on particular threats that are definitely a proposal of the AQAP that is one of the most sophisticated and advanced groups specifically with regards to miniaturize explosive devices, added Charles.

In the year 2014 rebel groups in Syria and AQAP collaborated together and after this Transportation Security Administration banned devices with flat batteries. It said that the passengers might be asked to demonstrate that they had powered up phones and laptops prior to boarding flights.

The precise information received by the US intelligence agencies said that it was possible for the battery housing to hide a few hundred grams weight of miniature explosives.

The truth was that the major threat to US security would come from the nations that have been listed by the US authorities, added Charles. The guidelines of the US Transportation Security Administration were generally complied with by other nations explained Jean-Charles.

However, some nations do not have the similar level of screening for security such as the US and other nations in the west.

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