The scenario for immigration to Canada in 2017

The scenario for overseas immigration to Canada has changed considerably for 2017 as diverse policies have been modified and made progressive for immigration. The modifications will have a crucial role in the entire process of selection of immigrants and granting them a permanent residency.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has definitely been very active last year as it had to battle out diverse fronts at immigration. The predecessor conservative government led by Stephen Harper had pursued unfriendly immigration policies that led to the loss of direction to the immigration system of Canada.

The current government headed by Justin Trudeau has done away with the unfriendly immigration policies of the previous regime. It has adopted a more humane approach towards immigration and now there is clear direction to the immigration policy of Canada. This will have a positive economic impact on the diverse aspects of immigration to Canada, as quoted by Immigration CA.

McCallum had announced in October last year that as a part of the immigration plan devised for 2017, it was aimed to have a target of 300, 000 overseas immigrants as permanent residents to Canada. This new immigrant target for 2017 set by the Federal government will be a turning point for the future years.

The government of Canada’s decision to considerably increase the number of overseas immigrants will be adversely affecting a large section of the voters. Thus the increase in the number of immigrants will be done in a planned and calculated manner.

The upper limit for immigration numbers for 2017 has been set at 320, 000. But the statistics for 2016 will reveal that this will be definitely exceeded and have to be taken as guiding figures than strict restriction.

The annual immigration levels are expected to rise considerably over the next few years and the policy makers are well aware that the increase in the number of immigrants has to be managed with care to pacify every stakeholder.

In terms of numbers highly skilled overseas workers will be welcomed in 2017. The industries will now anticipate that the government implements policies that will assist to recruit talented workers. The Global Talent Visa is already planned in this direction to assist arrival of talented workers across the globe to Canada.

The government of Canada has made determined efforts to increase the number of immigrant approvals to the family class visa and reducing the approval and processing time for these visas.

Considering the several modifications that have been made effective to the immigration policies, it is going to be a busy year ahead for the immigration authorities in Canada.

On the whole, the scenario for overseas immigration to Canada in the year 2017 is very positive. It has to be seen whether the policy changes succeed in achieving the desirable results that were the motivating factors for implementing these changes.

Be it the selection of appropriate candidates for permanent residency through the economic categories, accentuating the process time for highly talented economic class of immigrants or the sponsored family reunion visa applicants the effects of policy changes will have to be watched for.

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